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Management and operation consulting

Management Consulting - activities aimed at improving the forms of management and business. In the process of management consulting, a wide range of tasks can be solved. According to the types of tasks to be solved, management consulting can be (conditionally) divided into: strategic consulting, during which the analysis of the global and regional raw materials and finished products market, analysis of competitors, production and consumption dynamics, technology evolution is considered, an effective business model is built, calculation of logistics; marketing consulting, during which the construction of an effective marketing strategy is carried out, a companys marketing program is developed, a marketing system is built as a technology for managing market behavior of potential and current customers; organizational consulting - building an effective management system (distribution of functions, powers, responsibilities, material incentives, building a business process system, an optimal system of information exchange and workflow, introducing a forecasting system, planning and analysis of activities, building an optimal structural and functional scheme); financial and economic consulting, in the course of which an analysis of financial and economic activities is carried out for economic feasibility and efficiency, an analysis of economic efficiency of the entire business, as well as individual areas, processes, goods and services, investment business activities; HR consulting (staff recruitment), building and developing a corporate culture (configuring a system of intangible incentives, adding meaning to the collective work of company employees).

Operational consulting is a system of measures aimed at the qualitative improvement of the management mechanism operating in the company, quick adaptation to changing external conditions, increasing the level of coordination between structural divisions, and searching for the necessary resources for development. Operational consulting services cover a wide variety of areas of the companys functioning, which allows us to more thoroughly study all business processes. This area is an important part of management consulting, and its main task is to effectively resolve issues related to the management of all company structures.

Engineering consulting

Engineering consulting ensures the transition to new technologies with the technical re-equipment of production, guarantees the achievement of high results. Engineering consulting is not limited to solving tactical tasks, it is aimed at building the process, at transferring know-how and technology to the enterprise. The strategic goal of engineering consulting is to ensure that the company can manage on its own. Engineering consulting should not be taken as scientific research work (R&D), since R&D is part of engineering. Engineering consulting works in close contact with the customers specialists, together they form, adapt and document the technology of work. Thus, the customer receives not just a new product or new technology, but a regulated methodology for creating such products or technologies.

Engineering consulting is a new field of activity, which ensures the achievement of high results with the technical re-equipment of production and the transition to new technologies with regard to the quality of products, the cost of their production and the timing of the launch of new products on the market. Engineering consulting is a specific type of process consulting (although the elements of expert and training consulting are also used as necessary), aimed at the production system and its preparation. It is intended to make manageable three main parameters: product quality, product manufacturing costs, timelines for launching new products on the market.

Logistics consulting

Logistic consulting is a comprehensive increase in the business efficiency of our Customers, including the supply chain as a whole, production, transport and warehouse logistics. Logistic consulting is a systematic process of searching, identifying and solving complex logistics problems in conjunction with strategic changes and development planning of the company. Logistic consulting is a type of management activity that involves identifying and analyzing a problem for a logistics management system with the subsequent development of measures to overcome them. The success of logistics consulting is determined by the knowledge of the consultant, his ability to offer the customer sound approaches, which, first of all, prevent the occurrence of problem situations in difficult conditions of development of industrial and economic relations.

All logistic consulting programs share four common properties. Firstly, its purpose is to increase the level of integration of some or all aspects of the enterprises activities being considered. The analytical basis for integration is the principles of system analysis. Secondly, a very important element of the reorganization is a critical comparison of the existing logistics management system with the best industry practices and the perception of best practices. Thirdly, to achieve the necessary integration effect, it is necessary to decompose the respective activities. For this, it is necessary to establish an assessment of efficiency and costs by type of activity. So, fourthly, logistics consulting involves constant work to improve quality.